Ground Based Interceptor Concept Demonstrator

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Test Article Capacity

100 pounds (16 in dia. thru-center design)

Stored Impulse Capacity

175 pound-sec

3 Degrees of Freedom

Pitch/Yaw/ Roll: ±10 degrees


  3 axis to ±0.1 deg

 Remote Release

Axis Torque Capability

Pitch: 9 lb-ft

Yaw: 9 lb-ft

Roll: 10 lb-ft

Electrical Power

Thrusters: 28Vdc

Air Bearing: 24Vdc

Minimum Torque Bit

Pitch: 0.05 lb-ft-sec

Yaw: 0.05 lb-ft-sec

Roll: 0.06 lb-ft-sec

Feed Pressure

ACS Supply.: 3600 psi GN2

Air Bearing/Release: 100 psi air

Remote Gas Control

To demonstrate a dynamic hardware-in-the-loop testing concept for development of the EKV interceptor, GDC manufactured, tested and delivered to BOEING North American Space Division, a full three degree-of-freedom air bearing test bed, consisting of a cold gas attitude control system, a GDC flight computer, an AMRAAM Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), a CCD camera, and a GDC custom telemetry link. As part of this effort GDC developed custom target centroiding software, which was integrated with GDC's standard flight control software. The project required an intensive effort by GDC personnel resulting in the delivery of the working system within eight weeks from receipt of contract.