NASA WFF 12 inch Air Bearing Table

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Test Article Capacity

2500 pounds

3 Degrees of Freedom

Pitch: ±30 degrees

Yaw: ±180 degrees

Roll: ±180 degrees

Special Features

Fail Safe Pressure Supply

6 million lb-ft/radian flange stiffness

Feed Pressure

 1000 psi air

Remote 110 Vac solenoid feed valve

To support integrated Attitude Control System (ACS) testing of heavy 24-inch diameter sounding rocket payloads, GDC designed, manufactured, tested and delivered a 12 inch diameter spherical air bearing test stand to NASA Wallops Flight Facility. The test payloads were anticipated to weigh as much as 2500 pounds, and due to the precise optical telescope alignments required (less than 5 arc seconds), the air bearing mounting flanges had to be designed with a stiffness of greater than 6 million lb-ft/radian. A pneumatic fail-safe design was required to safely cage the test article in the event of a sudden loss in air bearing supply pressure.