Guidance, Control & Test Electronics

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MARSgc Guidance, Navigation & Control Unit


MARSgc is a high performance, integrated, roll stabilized/strapdown inertial measurement unit and guidance/navigation computer.


6 inch dia. by 10 inch long / 10 pounds

Uncompensatable Drift Rate

Non G Sensitive: 0.5 deg./hr.

G Sensitive: 0.5 deg./hr.


1.25 Amps at 28 Vdc

External Interfaces

48 programmable discretes, 4 comm. ports, 20 D/A & 16 A/D channels, parallel FIFO, and 3 PWM channels



Fiber Optic Data Link

Program Origin

Brilliant Pebbles Air Bearing


Provide three fiber optic data links between air bearing mounted sensors and off-board processors.

Data Links

15, 30, & 60 MHz links

Data Input

Serial differential, parallel single ended

Data Output

Digital, serial and parallel differential



Flight Dynamics Simulator (FDS) Control Panels

Program Origin

Brilliant Pebbles Air Bearing


Provides status and control of all FDS systems. Electronics systems include simulator battery status and charging, test initialization and subsystem readiness. Provides thruster status and test sequencing, air bearing control and status.

Power Input

28 Vdc

Pneumatics Input

100 psi compressed air



Attitude Reference Unit Test Console

Product Origin

NASA WFF Sounding Rocket Support


Ground test checkout of GDC MARSti Attitude Reference Unit.


Platform power control and monitoring, platform caging, and attitude output display

Input Power

110 Vac

Data Output

± 10 Vdc