Canadian Space Agency GEMINI ACS Air Bearing

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Test Article Capacity

300 pounds

Stored Impulse Capacity

900 lb-sec

3 Degrees of Freedom

Pitch: ±30 degrees

Yaw: ±180 degrees

Roll: ±180 degrees

Special Features

Air bearing test included GDC MARSgc inertial guidance, navigation and control unit, full GN2 reaction control system, and test telemetry and video control links.

Axis Torque Capability

Pitch: 25 lb-ft

Yaw: 25 lb-ft

Roll: 5 lb-ft

Electrical Power

Thrusters: 28Vdc

Air Bearing: 24Vdc

Minimum Torque Bit

Pitch: 0..25 lb-ft-sec

Yaw: 0.25 lb-ft-sec

Roll: 0.05 lb-ft-sec

Feed Pressure

RCS Supply.: 4000 psi GN2

Air Bearing/Release: 250 psi air

Manual Fill Valve

GDC designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, and flew a three-axis Earth limb pointing system for the Canadian Space Agency. This system used GDC's MARSgc roll-stabilized guidance and control system to capture and track the Earth's 95 km limb during a ballistic sounding rocket flight. Rates of less than ±0.015 degrees per second were required by the imaging instruments.