Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV)

Flight Dynamics Simulator 4

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Test Article Capacity

1000 pounds

Stored Impulse Capacity

Unlimited (off board feed)

3 Degrees of Freedom

Pitch/ Roll: ±5 degrees

Yaw: ±180 degrees


  3 axis to ±0.3 arc minutes

 Remote Release

Axis Torque Capability

Pitch: 112 lb-ft

Yaw: 200 lb-ft

Roll: 132 lb-ft

Electrical Power

Thrusters: 32Vdc

Air Bearing: 24Vdc

Minimum Torque Bit

Pitch: 0.45 lb-ft-sec

Yaw: 0.8 lb-ft-sec

Roll: 0.53 lb-ft-sec

Feed Pressure

Thruster Reg.: 2000 psi GN2

Air Bearing/Release: 100 psi air

Remote Gas Control

Guidance Dynamics developed this ± 5 degree, 3 DOF dynamic test platform for Boeing North American Space Systems Division, Downey, CA to assist in EKV seeker control system software development. The platform includes 1000 cubic inches of regulated cold gas to feed sixteen GDC 25-pound, high response thrusters. The system also includes an arcminute adjustable initialization and release system.