Air Force Brilliant Pebbles

Flight Dynamics Simulator

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Test Article Capacity

100 pounds

Stored Impulse Capacity

650 lb-sec

3 Degrees of Freedom

Pitch: ±15 degrees

Yaw: ±180 degrees

Roll: ±15 degrees

Special Features

Remote Initialization

Fiber Optic Data Link

90 radian/sec2 roll acceleration

Axis Torque Capability

Pitch: 20 lb-ft

Yaw: 20 lb-ft

Roll: 83 lb-ft

Electrical Power

Thrusters: 32Vdc

Air Bearing: 24Vdc

Minimum Torque Bit

Pitch: 0.06 lb-ft-sec

Yaw: 0.06 lb-ft-sec

Roll: 0.25 lb-ft-sec

Feed Pressure

RCS Supply: 4500 psi GN2

Air Bearing/Release: 150 psi air

Manual Fill Valve

In support of the Air Force Brilliant Pebbles Interceptor program GDC designed, manufactured, integrated, and delivered a highly responsive flight dynamics simulator to Hughes Missile Systems Company. To provide the required roll accelerations of 90 radians per second squared GDC provided a high response 25-pound cold-gas thruster that was mounted in pairs, on two-foot long manifold arms. To keep roll moments of inertia low, the flight guidance electronics were placed offboard, and seeker/IMU data were provided via a GDC-developed fiber-optic data link.