NAVY Standard/LEAP MTF Air Bearing

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Test Article Capacity

500 pounds, 13 inch diameter (thru center design)

Stored Impulse Capacity

1700 lb-sec

3 Degrees of Freedom

Pitch: ±25 degrees

Yaw: ±180 degrees

Roll: ±180 degrees

Special Features

 Through center design allows use of fully integrated test cylindrical article.

Equipped with active CG maintenance and MOI measurement systems.

Axis Torque Capability

Pitch: 115 lb-ft

Yaw: 115 lb-ft

Roll: 30 lb-ft

Electrical Power

Thrusters: 28Vdc

Air Bearing: 24Vdc

Minimum Torque Bit

Pitch: 0.46 lb-ft-sec

Yaw: 0.46 lb-ft-sec

Roll: 0.12 lb-ft-sec

Feed Pressure

Thruster Reg.: 4000 psi GN2

Air Bearing/Release: 150 psi air

Manual Fill Valve

In support of the Navy Standard Missile Lightweight ExoAtmospheric Projectile (LEAP) program GDC designed, manufactured, integrated, and delivered a unique air bearing test bed that allowed the fully integrated flight hot-gas guidance and control missile section to be inserted through a circumfrential air bearing. The pre-flight test program consisted of cold-gas tests in the laboratory to functionally check-out the flight software, followed by a full-up hot gas test conducted at altitude in a large spherical vacuum chamber. GDC also provided a center of gravity balancing system, that maintained the test item balance during expenditure of the hot gas generators.